The Little People

The Little People

I grew up with the voice of Jean Valjean and the emotive music and lyrics of Les Miserables escaping my dad’s study and filtering through the rest of the house. Those who have watched the musical or the movie will understand how growing up with this in the background I was bound to have a soft spot for the underdog, the little people in this world. I remember rehearsing the song, ‘Little People’, sung by the young cocky yet endearing Gavroche, with my dad and sister one weekend. In the song Gavroche says, ‘The world is big but little people turn it around.’ I couldn’t agree more.

Yes, you change the world through SpaceX, Tesla and Google. But you also change the world through the kindness you show to those immediately surrounding you. By the conversations you have with strangers who become friends. By listening. By understanding. And by sharing your joy with those around you. This is how the little people change the world in a big way.

This section is dedicated to the little people I’ve met. Some through cycling. Some through medicine. Some through coffee. All of them are changing the world in their own way. And most of them are unaware of it.

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